froggie delight

Frogs fascinate me. I just love them. While most people consider them ugly and warty, I think they are beautiful creatures. Toads could get a little ugly, I concede, but frogs are usually quite good looking.

dyeing dart frog

 See more beautiful frogs here

There is a lot of frog related trivia floating around. For example, Japanese consider them as good luck. They believe that bullfrogs can suck all the mosquitoes out of a room in one breath. Now that’s exactly what we need in dengue stricken India.

Here’s a charming frog folk story:
The frogs complaint against the sun
Once upon a time, when the Sun announced his intention to take a wife, the frogs lifted up their voices in clamour to the sky. Jupiter, disturbed by the noise of their croaking, inquired the cause of their complaint. One of them said, “The Sun, now while he is single, parches up the marsh, and compels us to die miserably in our arid homes. What will be our future condition if he should beget other suns?”


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